Wednesday, 27 June 2012

3 easy ways to customise your t-shirts

Here’s Pulp’s step by step guide to 3 really easy customised t-shirt looks, perfect for the summer and no sewing required!

•    For a slouchy slashed neck tee follow steps 1-5
•    For a cropped tee follow steps 1-7
•    For a Fringe-Hem top follow steps 1-9

You will need a t-shirt  (practice with an old t-shirt first, don’t go straight for your favourite) a pair of sharp scissors, a ruler and a pen/pencil/tailors chalk that will show up on your tee. For the examples below we've used a 'Large' t-shirt.

1.        Lay your t-shirt out flat on the ground, smooth it out and make sure the hems are straight.

2.        To make a slashed neckline draw around the neck, starting roughly and inch wider than the ribbed neckline, on the front of the tee.  Don’t draw your line too wide as the fabric will stretch, it’s better to cut it smaller than needed as you can always cut more away later if you want to.


3.     Making sure the back and front of your tee are flat to the floor and the seams are straight, carefully cut along the guideline you have drawn, cut through both the back and front of the tee (if you work on a hard floor it will help keep your cutting straight)

4.    Neaten up any wobbly cutting and finish it off by placing your thumbs in the tee, on either side of the neckline (where you've just cut) and gently pull the fabric.  This will make the raw edges curl up, and your t-shirt will sit straight.

5.    Turn the sleeves up around and inch and roll up a few times (depending on how short you want them)

You now have a slouchy off the shoulder tee It should look something like this…

If you don’t want to carry on you can team your tee with shorts or skinnies like Avril, Mary-Kate and Gwen. 

6.    Next (Skip this step if you want cropped tee) Cut off the rolled up hem along the bottom of the t-shirt.

7.    Decide how short you want the body of you tee and measure up from the base, (I measured 10inches) mark this line on the front and back.  I turned my tee inside out for the next few steps so the measurements weren’t visible when finished

If you want a cropped tee like Tay, Ash and Juliet just carefully cut along the guidelines you’ve drawn around the front and back of the tee and you’re finished.

8.    If you want to make a fringe hem tee then cut strips from the base of the tee up to the guideline you’ve marked out.  If you not great at cutting in a straight lines use a ruler to mark out 1 inch strips first.

After you've cut all your strips it should look something like this …

1.       To finish off hold the top and bottom of each tassel and stretch it, this will make it curl up so it looks a bit like spaghetti.
Your finished tee should look something like this …
 Lana, Katy and Eliza have all been spotted rocking Fringe-Hem tees.  Wear yours with shorts and wellies for a killer festilval look, and if you're feeling creative add beads to the tasselled edges like Katy has.

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